Charlie’s first night

Posted on Jul 28, 2011

Dear Gary,

I thought that you would like to see photo’s of Charlie’s first night with us. Miley and Charlie have hit if off wonderfully. They wrestle, chase, play and sleep together. They are great pals. He even goes into her crate during the day when she goes into nap. At night, well, they both sleep with us. It’s been a habit with me since we got Miley to put her on the desk while I’m on the computer. She just goes to sleep and stays out of trouble. Now, Charlie is doing it too. He is a little sneak and tries to get outside. We’re screening in our patio so we have a fail safe when we take Miley out to do her business. He is so interested in what he can’t have!

Thanks for such a wonderful little kitten and companion.


(Please click on each photo for larger view)

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