Life with baby Bravo

Posted on Oct 6, 2011

Hi Gary,

We wanted to thank you so much for our new baby Ragdoll, Bravo. He is truly a joy! Every morning he has a grooming ritual with me where I “must” pet him and he “must” lick my face. Every morning. And Bravo knows he won’t get pet with Danny’s right hand on the mouse, so he sits on the desk to the left of the keyboard, because he has already figured out that’s Danny’s free hand. If one of us leaves the room, he chases after us and heaven forbid if we shut a door. He’s never more than a few inches away from either of us unless he is eating, playing or pooping. Right now he is sleeping on the back of my neck — a favorite spot of his. Life with a Ragdoll!

Sandie and Danny

Ragdoll kittens


Ragmeister Ragdoll Review


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