Ooflik and Sasquatch

Posted on Nov 3, 2011

Hi Gary- My wife and I purchased two Ragdolls from you in August and October of 2008 and we could not be happier with them! Ooflik, the Seal Point mitted male with blaze is a healthy and beautiful 14.5 pounds and is a gentle giant! Our girl,Sasquatch is smaller and more delicate. She is a lovely Sealpoint with chocolate feet! Her feet are big, hence her name. She is the most incredible pet I have ever had! She eats anything I give her,jumps up onto my shoulder, wakes me up licking my face every morning and she loves to go outside walking on a leash. She is always on my lap and is truly MY cat, although everyone else loves her to pieces also, because she is so sweet and full of love and gives everyone (even my mother-in-law) their fair share of her attention (especially when I am not around). ~ Bill

Ragmeister Ragdoll Kittens San Diego



Ragdoll kittens and cats



Ragdoll cats and kittens


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  1. I purchased my sealpoint brown mitts in2005 and i have been in love ever since. He is the most loving, playfull and well mannered cat i haveever had. It also does not spray like otherbreeds,i was wondering ifthat is part of the breed? He has traveledup and down the east coast and been admired by every one that sees him. I wanted to thank you for creating your business to share the most beautiful breed that i have ever experienced. Tazzi was born on february 14, 2005 and sired by snickers and kimba. I’d love to send a picture but i don’t know how to do that yet,sorry. Thanks again!!!

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