A note from July Jennifer Donovan

Posted on Nov 20, 2011

I’m July, the one who probably drove you crazy with questions! I’m glad my hubby has been pushing for me to get another baby after ours of 16 years just passed. After seeing the photo of the mink tortie I do have to say I fell in love after all the pictures he was showing me. I’m excited to adopt her on Sunday, her name, most likely is Chloe Selene! (Selene for the moon goddess who will watch over my Pumpkin)♥

Ragmeister Ragdolls review

Chloe Selene

Chloe is getting so big! Lots of tricks & been walking on leash, so squishy too! Beautiful & her gorgeous tortie coloring is showing!

Ragmeister Ragdoll Reviews

Chloe Selene

I love my Chloe Selene! She couldn’t be any more PURR-fect!

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