From Angela Burns, Cranston RI

Posted on Jun 20, 2012

We purchased our Ragdoll, Dallas in December of 2009 and had the most wonderful experience. We found Gary because of a close family friend had purchased their Ragdoll, Jackson a few years prior. Upon deciding we wanted a Ragdoll, we contacted Gary and went to “meet” our new family member the day after Thanksgiving! We fell in love, but were going on vacation in early December & Gary said he’d hold on to Dallas for us until we returned. Upon returning we picked Dallas up the next day and took him home. We’ve had absolutely NO ISSUES (health or personality) with Dallas since we purchased him and he blossomed into the best cat ever. We would bring him to bed with us every night and he would stay tucked under the covers or sleep over my head on my pillow. We would actually travel with him frequently and he made the trek with us from San Diego to Rhode Island in the backseat of our car and he just loves to go! We now adopted a kitten from a shelter back in October and they are the best of friends… Dallas and Lola Bug chase one another, snuggle, and wrestle! They even play “Treat Patrol” where they fetch treats down the hall… I have to say, he’s most certainly my little Baby! Six months ago I had a baby, and whenever I feed her, Dallas hops on the couch and lays in my lap while I’m feeding the baby. He lays there while she holds his tail while eating her bottle – he’s so good with Sophia and never experienced “the jealousy issue”. We would not hesitate to purchase another cat from Gary. If you should have any questions about using Gary as a breeder for your Ragdoll – please feel free to contact me at

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