Chantel Lamberto Ceryak, San Francisco CA

Posted on Oct 1, 2012

We bought three WONDERFUL kittens from Gary at Ragmeister (one male and one female and another male for my parents a year later.) They were all huge additions to our life and our family and I feel so fortunate to have had them in our lives. Henry and Harold were the two males and they were the sweetest most personable cats I have ever met. They were angels and true members of our family. Bob is the girl and she’s wonderful in a different way – she had the clever ability of somehow making my husband a cat person and they have an ongoing love affair that’s just between them. Henry and Harold lived full lives and we miss them dearly. Ragmeisters cats are special and unique and any family who is lucky enough to share their lives with one of Gary’s ragdolls is truly blessed.

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