From Melissa Joslin, Fresno CA

Posted on Oct 15, 2012

Hi Gary! I purchased a kitten from you quite awhile ago. I’m writing you because I would love another. I LOVE my kitty and would like to add a second. I did want to ask you if they are good kitties with other cats or if they are better loners. I don’t want to upset my kitty. (Boots) IF they get along well, I would like to get another from you. Which brings up another question. I have only had bad luck with females so I am keen on male cats. Would that be ok to have two males? If so, you have one on your page that is in the upper right that you called a seal mitted ragdoll male. I liked him very much. I like both the seal mitted and seal mitted with blaze. Let me if those are still available and if you think it would be ok to add another to my home. Boots is the best cat I have ever had! Thanks in advance!

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