From Gail Vettel owner of Ragmeister Ragdoll April

Posted on Oct 21, 2012

I chose Ragmeister Ragdolls because the kittens are known for PERSONALITY PLUS. Absolutely true.

This photo was taken of our April just minutes from getting off a long plane ride…she acted like she has always been here!

Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

April as a baby

My April today..see the color change…her personality is fantastic!

Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

April today!

Thank you Gary for this gorgeous kitten.Looking foward to our future kittens from Angel and April !! Gail V …Angelkissed Ragdolls



  1. Yes, we will have them in February!!

  2. Can you please verify if this breed is hypoallergenic? Also, about what price range they fall into? Thank you.

    • Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic, however, they do shed less then a regular cat so some people with allergies report not having as many problems with Ragdolls. Pet prices vary depending on color. Please call with exact kitten you’re interested in a we’d be happy to tell you the price.

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