By Christina Johnson owner of Ragmeister Ragdoll November 2012

Posted on Nov 29, 2012


We are absolutely IN LOVE! She is perfect. Her name is Eden. I know that I am new to breeding but I’ve been doing as much studying as I can and in my humble opinion this cat is the total package. She has the sweetest temperament (My #1 priority), a strong, solid body with a GREAT size as well as a perfect blend of beauty and grace (Size and conformation are my next highest priorities). As far as her looks, my goodness… I am in awe. I didn’t think I wanted a Lynx right away but I am SO glad that you let me take her. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I want more kittens from you. Please keep me in mind for a chocolate or lilac female and of course those minks. I’d like to keep my females as unrelated as possible so that I’ll have options as far as breeding my own kittens.

God Bless,

Christina Johnson, RN

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