Ragdolls Kitten Reviews - Ragdolls Kittens for Sale in San DiegoWelcome to our Ragdoll website. We started breeding Ragdoll Cats back in 1991.  This was a time when the Ragdolls were virtually unheard of.  We were attracted to the breed due their dog-like personalities and the fact that we lived in a condo at the time and wanted a strictly indoor cat.  We immediately fell in love with the breed, and they have been a huge part of our lives ever since.

Our first Ragdoll was named Lucy and she was a beautiful lilac bicolor.  Her personality was everything we’d hoped for.  She would follow us around like a dog, run and meet us at the door when we returned, and just basically want to be with us all the time.  Lucy was with us 19 years and we miss her very much.

Our philosophy has always been to breed for personality.  When we started showing back in the early 90’s, the type and look of a purebred Ragdoll was very much up in the air as the breed was so new to the judges.  It soon became obvious that some of the judges were seeking out information on just what a Ragdoll should look like from the breeders that would show the most.  We knew on thing, personality was at the heart of the popularity of the Ragdoll, and that’s what we’ve bred for above all else.  People with other Ragdolls who adopt one of ours often comment on the loving, sweet personalities of our Ragdolls over the others.

Ragdolls Reviews - Ragdolls Kittens for Sale in San Diego


We believe in honesty and integrity in dealing with all people.  We also believe in karma. We have many stories of the extreme lengths we have gone to in the past to be fair and treat our customers with respect.  You can read some of the reviews of our kittens and our business dealings on this site.  There are two sides to all stories, so if you hear something different, please call. The Ragdoll world has become very competitive and some would sink to any lengths to get your business.

Ragdolls Reviews - Ragdolls Kittens for Sale in San Diego


Today we have some of the original purebred lines. Over the years the judges and associations have moved from what the original Ragdolls looked like to include longer hair and smaller ears, as many breeders had out-crossed with Persians and Himilayans in an effort to bring in a fluffier look and new colors.  The original lines look slightly different than what one seen on a lot of web sites today.

We are proud to be listed in the International book “The Definitive Guide To The Ragdoll Cat” as one of the reputable breeders in the United States.  We later wrote our own book entitled “Guide To Owning a Ragdoll Cat” which you can purchase on this site.  At one point in time, amazon.com sent us an award as we were the number one selling pet book in the U.S.  Over 50,000 copies have been sold worldwide.