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UPDATED: March 04, 2015

Here’s how it works!!! When our kittens are old enough to know what the sex, pattern , and color are, but too young for pictures, they well be listed on this page along with the date they will be ready and the date the picture will be available (usually around 6 weeks of age).  Many kittens get deposits placed on them from this page before pics come out.  They will usually be taken off at that point and any pic would go to the new owner at 6 weeks of age upon request.  If you go to the “Kittens Available” drop down menu, you will see pics of kittens that are old enough for a pic (6 weeks of age or older) which have not been spoken for.  At that point they go very quickly.   If you place a $200 on one of the kittens below, you can request a pic around time frame listed below.  If you do not like it (which hasn’t happened in 25 years!!!) then you can move your deposit to another available kitten.

Available March 28th!!! Pics available March 14th!!!

Blue Mitted Female

Seal Colorpoint Female

Seal Mitted Female

Seal Colorpoint Female


We have a couple of litters on the way as well as all traditional colors and patterns. We expect to have virtually all colors and patterns soon, so we are now taking deposits. If you have a particular color and pattern in mind, you may wish to call us and reserve one now as we will have most available this spring and summer. You can get a pic of your kitten at 6 weeks of age. We do take credit cards and PayPal for your convenience.


Call 619-889-1148 or contact us by email.