UPDATED: October 02, 2014

Available October 29th, Pics available October 15th!!!

1 Blue Colorpoiint Female

1 Blue Mitted Male

1 Seal Colorpoint Male

Available November 10th, Pics Available October 27th!!!

2 Blue Lynx Mink Bicolor Females (Very Rare!!!)

1 Blue Bicolor Lynx Male

1 Blue Bicolor Mink Lynx Male (Very Rare!!)




We have a couple of litters on the way as well as all traditional colors and patterns. We expect to have virtually all colors and patterns soon, so we are now taking deposits. If you have a particular color and pattern in mind, you may wish to call us and reserve one now as we will have most available this spring and summer. You can get a pic of your kitten at 6 weeks of age. We do take credit cards and PayPal for your convenience.


Call 619-889-1148 or contact us by email.