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From Gail Vettel owner of Ragmeister Ragdoll April

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I chose Ragmeister Ragdolls because the kittens are known for PERSONALITY PLUS. Absolutely true.

This photo was taken of our April just minutes from getting off a long plane ride…she acted like she has always been here!

Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

April as a baby


Photos from Johnna Crowe-Critelli

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I am the PROUD OWNER of the kitty featured on the Ragmeister Ragdolls Facebook page on the upper left! His name is Mr. Minkie! He is not only the most beautiful kitten you’ve ever laid eyes on, but the most personable cat we’ve ever had! Gary, how proud we are that his is your “avatar.” We got our baby (who we named Mr. Minkie) in August of 2011. He is a character. He has his own FB page where you can see all of the photos taken over the last year…even a video of us driving home with him!

Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

Mr. Minkie, when he was a kitten


From Kelly P., Litchfield Park AZ

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Our family had a really wonderful experience with Gary and Ragmeister Ragdolls. We were looking for a kitten for our daughter, and heard a lot about how great the Ragdoll breed is. I’m very happy with the kitten we purchased from Gary. The kitten is healthy, and is everything we expected from the breed, very friendly, loving, and sweet.


From Lauren Rae owner of Ragmeister Ragdoll Roxy

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Ragmeister Ragdolls Reviews


Don’t know if you remember everyone that leaves your home, but I got this little peanut a little over 2 years ago from you.

From Michael V, Chalmette LA

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After searching many Ragdoll breeders I finally settled on Ragmeister. I picked out a 2 month old beautiful male flame point and he arrived here in New Orleans late on September the 10th. I have wanted a Ragdoll for a very long time and I could not be happier! His name is Blizzard and he is the sweetest thing. I am now thinking of getting another (female this time) and there is no doubt where I will be shopping.

O’ Blue Eyes – Ragmeister Ragdoll Bravo

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Hi Gary! Thought you might like to see a video of Bravo just around his 1st birthday 😉


Life at Ragmeister Ragdolls

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Ragmeister Ragdolls Reviews

A dog’s life in a cat house!


From Melissa Joslin, Fresno CA

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Hi Gary! I purchased a kitten from you quite awhile ago. I’m writing you because I would love another. I LOVE my kitty and would like to add a second. I did want to ask you if they are good kitties with other cats or if they are better loners. I don’t want to upset my kitty. (Boots) IF they get along well, I would like to get another from you. Which brings up another question. I have only had bad luck with females so I am keen on male cats. Would that be ok to have two males? If so, you have one on your page that is in the upper right that you called a seal mitted ragdoll male. I liked him very much. I like both the seal mitted and seal mitted with blaze. Let me if those are still available and if you think it would be ok to add another to my home. Boots is the best cat I have ever had! Thanks in advance!

From GAIL V, Burnsville MN

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I have been raising Ragdolls for over 15 yrs and have seen a few bloodlines that are gorgeous and some that are were overbred with the same Persian subtypes. Honestly I think many people have inbred off the same bloodlines and may be creating more problems for the breed.The best cats I have ever bred were matched up with the Ragmeister cats.I have never had such amazing personalities as those I have bred with his cats.These kitties are a goldmine as far as Im concerned because they are some of the few that are from the original stock..I have purchased 3 amazing cats from him with no problems.Just amazing bunny fur and WAY WAY cool personalities!!

A note from Julie Mae Campbell

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Hi Gary, Gwen is sleeping in her favorite position. She’s a fantastic cat and we love her!

Ragmeister Ragdolls Gwen