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Blue Bicolor Lynx Male Ragdoll (SOLD)

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Blue Bicolor Lynx Male Ragdoll (SOLD)

Gone to a great home!

Blue Mitted w/Blaze Female Ragdoll (SOLD)

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Blue Mitted w/Blaze Female Ragdoll (SOLD)

Gone to great home!!!

From Pam E, Duluth GA

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Over the past 5 years, between my sister and I we have purchased 7 kittens from this breeder. This breeder produces quality kittens and he stands behind each and every one of them. We have had questions about Ragdolls and he is very willing to answer them. The quality of his kittens is excellent and I would recommend him to others.

From Cindy Lombard, Meridian Idaho

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The Ragmeister is a fantastic cattery. We adopted a Ragdoll from Gary last year. We live in Idaho and Gary shipped this little tiny kitten to us. Charley arrived on time at our airport. We promptly took him to our veterinarian who gave him a complete physical and found him very healthy. It is also good to know that Charley’s health has been guaranteed for 3 years. Charley is a wonderful, spirited, healthy and inquisitive boy. I cannot imagine a sweeter breed of cat highly enough. My experience with Gary was top-notch and would be happy to recommend him to my friends.

From Angela Burns, Cranston RI

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We purchased our Ragdoll, Dallas in December of 2009 and had the most wonderful experience. We found Gary because of a close family friend had purchased their Ragdoll, Jackson a few years prior. Upon deciding we wanted a Ragdoll, we contacted Gary and went to “meet” our new family member the day after Thanksgiving! We fell in love, but were going on vacation in early December & Gary said he’d hold on to Dallas for us until we returned. Upon returning we picked Dallas up the next day and took him home. We’ve had absolutely NO ISSUES (health or personality) with Dallas since we purchased him and he blossomed into the best cat ever. We would bring him to bed with us every night and he would stay tucked under the covers or sleep over my head on my pillow. We would actually travel with him frequently and he made the trek with us from San Diego to Rhode Island in the backseat of our car and he just loves to go! We now adopted a kitten from a shelter back in October and they are the best of friends… Dallas and Lola Bug chase one another, snuggle, and wrestle! They even play “Treat Patrol” where they fetch treats down the hall… I have to say, he’s most certainly my little Baby! Six months ago I had a baby, and whenever I feed her, Dallas hops on the couch and lays in my lap while I’m feeding the baby. He lays there while she holds his tail while eating her bottle – he’s so good with Sophia and never experienced “the jealousy issue”. We would not hesitate to purchase another cat from Gary. If you should have any questions about using Gary as a breeder for your Ragdoll – please feel free to contact me at angela.burns@live.com.

Photo from Martha Murphy

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Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

Love our Ragmeister Ragdoll Marney!

Ragmeister Ragdolls reviews

She’s made herself quite at home!!! Best kitty ever!

From Ellen Gould, Carbondale CO

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We have now had two cats from Ragmeister. The breeder is fabulous. Our first cat, Oscar lived 14 wonderful years. We were shattered when he passed away. Our new kitty, Ivan, is a terrorist! He chases our two dogs, jumps around playfully and gives us so many smiles I cannot count them all. Ivan came to us totally socialized, and joined our dogs without a hitch. He travels with us all over in our RV and loves the ride. He is gorgeous to look at, but more importantly, he is gorgeous in his spirit. He is spicy, spunky, and a real humorist. We love him, and so do our two dogs, a dachshund and a black lab. I couldn’t recommend a breeder more highly!!

Our gorgeous girl!

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Her name is Iris. Don’t worry, I don’t let her eat the plants. Just a photo op. – Jennifer

Ragdoll cat


(Please click photo for larger view)

From Becki Zschiedrich, Biloxi MS

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I purchased the most beautiful Lilac Ragdoll from Gary Strobel in May 2011. I had been talking to Gary for over six months before the purchase because I was so nervous about the kitten flying from San Diego to New Orleans. He assured me that the kitten would be fine. Well, he is fine and 100% purrfect. I named him Zephyr. He is the BEST present I have ever bought myself. I kind of felt guilty about “buying” a cat instead of adopting from the Humane Society but that guilt quickly went away as soon as I picked him up from the airport. The joy this kitten has already given me is priceless. He is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen in my life. He is 6 months old now and already 9 pounds so he’s going to be big. He also loves water and jumps in the tub every day. He just loves bath time. Thank you Gary for the most beautiful baby in the world. I look forward to going home every day to see my new addition. He is a blessing and has definitely enhanced my life. I had a wonderful experience with Ragmeister Ragdolls and I love the book that Gary Strobel wrote. It was extremely helpful. Thanks for everything Gary. I want another Ragdoll already but I’m going to let Zephyr be an only child for a while.

From Sandie Miller, Manassas VA

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My husband and I purchased a Ragdoll kitten from Ragmeister Ragdolls in September of 2011 and we couldn’t be more thrilled! BRAVO is a healthy, wonderfully friendly Seal Mitten Ragdoll kitten who kisses us “good morning”, plays energetically during the day, and then sleeps the night through next to our heads, often purring contentedly. He is amazingly social and possesses a curiosity that brightens our day. Over our 59 years of living, we’ve owned many wonderful pets from sheepdogs and iguanas to cats and cockatoos, but we’ve never experienced anything like a Ragdoll kitten. We absolutely loved working with Gary Strobel at Ragmeister Ragdolls. A breeder of Ragdolls since 1991, he provides a loving environment for all the kittens and has exceptional knowledge about this lovable breed. He has been very generously supportive and no question has ever gone unanswered. It is obvious from the time you begin talking to him that the Ragdoll cats and kittens are truly treasured – he is not just a “breeder” but passionate about the Ragdolls. Plus all of his Ragdoll kittens come with a 100% health guarantee. We highly recommend Ragmeister Ragdolls to anyone seeking a professional, caring, experienced breeder.