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From Jeni R., Costa Mesa, CA

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I was fortunate to find Ragmeister’s website about a year and a half ago. I researched this breeder and compared what he offered to other breeders located closer to my home. I was impressed with his three-year genetic health guarantee; as someone new to purchasing an animal from a breeder I had lots of questions and concerns, which he patiently answered and addressed. I found this breeder to be very kind and helpful to a “newbie”, and once I found two beautiful flamepoint female kittens I just had to have, he walked me through the process of adopting my fur-people. He spent quite a bit of time explaining how to care for them and by the time they were ready to be picked up I was confident I was walking away with wonderfully healthy kittens. I have had absolutely no problems with my kittens who are now eight months old. They are growing into their beautiful coats and are extraordinarily sweet-tempered. I’m grateful to Gary for the care he gave my girls while they were waiting for their forever-home, and so glad I found him! I highly recommend Ragmeister to anyone interested in adopting Ragdolls – they are raised in a healthy home environment with great care. I would definitely go to him in the future if I ever want to expand my little family.

Our Family

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Hi all — Thank you all for sending photos and updates of your Ragmeister Ragdoll kittens and cats. It’s great to see them happy and healthy in their new homes. Thought I’d share with you a couple photos of my son with some of our Ragdolls over the years! — Gary

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Jojo the Flamepoint Radoll

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Hi Gary,

This is the Flamepoint we got from you earlier this year. He has worked himself into the family effortlessly. Every visitor to our house wants to take him home. My daughter bought a (full) brother of his from a subsequent litter from you, and my granddaughter absolutely loves him. Jojo loves water, plays with our small terriers and other cats, and has a personality that will not quit. Naturally, he has picked up a few nicknames along the way: most everybody calls him Flop.


Jojo (aka Flop)

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A note from July Jennifer Donovan

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I’m July, the one who probably drove you crazy with questions! I’m glad my hubby has been pushing for me to get another baby after ours of 16 years just passed. After seeing the photo of the mink tortie I do have to say I fell in love after all the pictures he was showing me. I’m excited to adopt her on Sunday, her name, most likely is Chloe Selene! (Selene for the moon goddess who will watch over my Pumpkin)♥

Ragmeister Ragdolls review

Chloe Selene

Chloe is getting so big! Lots of tricks & been walking on leash, so squishy too! Beautiful & her gorgeous tortie coloring is showing!

Ragmeister Ragdoll Reviews

Chloe Selene

I love my Chloe Selene! She couldn’t be any more PURR-fect!

Ooflik and Sasquatch

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Hi Gary- My wife and I purchased two Ragdolls from you in August and October of 2008 and we could not be happier with them! Ooflik, the Seal Point mitted male with blaze is a healthy and beautiful 14.5 pounds and is a gentle giant! Our girl,Sasquatch is smaller and more delicate. She is a lovely Sealpoint with chocolate feet! Her feet are big, hence her name. She is the most incredible pet I have ever had! She eats anything I give her,jumps up onto my shoulder, wakes me up licking my face every morning and she loves to go outside walking on a leash. She is always on my lap and is truly MY cat, although everyone else loves her to pieces also, because she is so sweet and full of love and gives everyone (even my mother-in-law) their fair share of her attention (especially when I am not around). ~ Bill

Ragmeister Ragdoll Kittens San Diego



Ragdoll kittens and cats



Ragdoll cats and kittens


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Check out our new Press Release!

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Ragmeister Ragdolls Launches New Website After 15 Years

San Diego, CA, United States, November 2, 2011 – (PressReleasePoint) – Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has moved into the 21st Century with the release of their new website located at www.Ragdoll.org. After 15 years of the same old web site, Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has finally released a sparkling new web site.

Ragmeister Ragdolls has been breeding purebred Ragdoll kittens for 21 years. “The difference between a Ragmeister Ragdoll kitten and all the others is the attention to personality that Gary Strobel has been developing for more than two decades. His kittens are offered with a 3 year health guarantee and their first shots. Integrity and honesty are hallmarks when dealing with Ragmeister Ragdolls.

When it came to designing a new website, the desire was for something warm and engaging for all audiences, but still functional and informative. Sandra Miller-Long, the WebGoddess from WunderWebs.com, accomplished this with the primary use of textures in a muted blue-seal scale allowing the irresistible Ragdoll images to take center stage.

For this project, the WebGoddess utilized a WordPress platform and custom coded it to the hilt. She provided not only basic website information, but the ability to view kittens ready for adoption, watch Ragdoll videos provided by happy clients, read Ragmeister testimonials and reviews, and gain an inside look at the Ragdoll Breed– fabulous cats with incredible personalities.

About Us
www.Ragdoll.org specializes in healthy, sweet, large Ragdoll kittens. Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has been around longer than most Ragdoll breeders. A free book “The Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat”, written by Gary, comes with each kitten and they are always available for support and questions. Numerous customers return for their second or even third Ragdoll after experiencing the difference in a Ragmeister kitten.
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Erica’s Sadie

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Hello Gary,
I adopted a blue bicolor about 2 yrs ago and I just wanted to say I love her sooo much and she is the most precious girl. Thank you very much for my sweetheart and I will always recommend you to anyone in Cali looking for a ragdoll…below is a clip of Sadie fetching a ball when she was only a few months old! We recently moved to Hawaii and she adjusted so well. Many people have issues with their cats after such a long flight, but she has done very well. Even adjusted well to one older sister (9yr old persian mix) and one younger sister (1.5 yr old siamese mix).

Ragmeister Ragdoll Sadie


Life with baby Bravo

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Hi Gary,

We wanted to thank you so much for our new baby Ragdoll, Bravo. He is truly a joy! Every morning he has a grooming ritual with me where I “must” pet him and he “must” lick my face. Every morning. And Bravo knows he won’t get pet with Danny’s right hand on the mouse, so he sits on the desk to the left of the keyboard, because he has already figured out that’s Danny’s free hand. If one of us leaves the room, he chases after us and heaven forbid if we shut a door. He’s never more than a few inches away from either of us unless he is eating, playing or pooping. Right now he is sleeping on the back of my neck — a favorite spot of his. Life with a Ragdoll!

Sandie and Danny

Ragdoll kittens


Ragmeister Ragdoll Review


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Seal Mitted Tortie Female (SOLD)

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Seal Mitted Tortie Female (SOLD)

Gone to a new home!

Seal Colorpoint Tortie Female (SOLD)

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Seal Colorpoint Tortie Female  (SOLD)

Gone to a new home!