When Ragdoll kittens have to travel to another state, air shipping is available. We have never had even a minor mishap, other than a delay once in awhile. We believe this is due to the careful way in which we label and prepare our kittens and cats for shipping.

Air shipping costs will vary depending on destination. Also, we must have a health certificate from the vet, purchase a carrier for the kitten to travel in, food and water cups, and the cost of the flight. We charge nothing for the time and work involved. Because of everything required from the breeder to ship the pet, the average price is around $300 in the US.

Today, airlines are much more knowledgeable and experienced where our pets are concerned. There are rules regarding what type of carrier your pet can be shipped in, as well as making sure there is plenty of food and water in case of delays. Also, pilots are made aware when there are animals in the cargo area so that they can regulate the temperature to an appropriate pet setting.

Some shipping arrangements can become quite complicated to book. Heat restrictions, bad weather, changes in connecting flights and their destinations and schedules, can cause these complications, but often involve making animal passengers safe. Patience during the booking period is greatly appreciated. In some cases, last minute bookings must be made, but patience is virtually always rewarded, and the new kitten and his or her safety is always worth the trouble.

Receiving your kitten:
After the flight for your kitten is booked we will e mail you all the details of the flight and CONFIRMATION NUMBER that you must have with you along with your ID to receive your kitten.

Usually you receive your kitten at the Airport at Cargo Office OR in some airports such as Dulles International you have to receive shipped kittens not at the Airport Main Terminal but at the Cargo Office at different location which we will let you know at the time of booking.

After you receive your kitten:

  • He or she will be hungry and thirsty and will want to go to the bathroom! Have in your car prepared little kitten toilet pan, some water and food.
  • Yes, you can hold your kitten on the way to your home, he/she already been in that pet carrier long enough.
  • At home do not introduce your Ragdoll to your other animals, let him/her get comfortable and confident first.
  • Give your Ragdoll some quiet time to explore the room where he will stay in this night, show him where his water dish, food and toilet are located.

And please call us and tell us if you kitten is all right, eating/drinking and sleeping well, and is adjusting to his/her new home. If you don’t understand something or have more questions, just let us know!